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RCK Chemicals develops, produces and applies chemical aids for paper industry, textile, sugar, buildings aids, PET recycling and water treatment fields.

RCK Chemicals is born on 2017 from the union of Rental Colloid and Kreys to strengthen the presence on the Italian and European market. Rental Colloid is a chemical company founded in 1987 in Valdobbiadene, in the province of Treviso, in North-Eastern Italy. In a few years, the company started a continuous growth on the Italian and European territory and, after many successes, became one of the most important and reliable players in the papermaking chemicals field. Kreys is founded in Castelraimondo, in the province of Macerata, and, thanks to the long experience of its technicians, specialized in the water treatments of paper mills.
RCK Chemicals combine the know-how of both companies, develop new formulations and solutions, and provide even more experience and professionalism.

The innovation and the wide experience gained during the years have allowed RCK Chemicals to grow up year by year and to expand the range of products, including also specialist aids. Teamwork with our customers is the key to our innovation and helps us keep our solutions flexible and diversified, suitable for a wide number of industrial applications, and successfully competing in those markets where experience and professionalism are required.