Bioren | Biocides

Biocides for control of bacteria, mold and yeast.

The active ingredients of BIOREN are molecules that interfere on survivability and reproduction of microorganism, by action on their metabolic mechanism.

It is available also integrated treatment systems with oxidative products combined with inorganic salts (bromination).

BIOREN are developed to be easily dispersible on water and let the best role of the active ingredients.

Our formulations are best indicated and tested on:

  • Antislime treatment for industrial water cycle
  • Inlet water for industrial applications
  • Washing and sanitation of water circuits
  • Control of bad smell on sewage sludge
  • Preservatives on paper mill aids and glue on corrugated

On BIOREN range it is possible select product s conformed on Italian and international norms for items for direct contact with food ( for example Italian DM 21/03/1973 and updating, FDA or BFR norms).