Fixren / Release / Rencoat | Treatment of Yankee cylinder

Specific treatment for Tissue industries, it consists in the combination of 3 different lines:

FIXREN” coating agents (organic polymer with different molecular size)

RELEASE” release agents (vegetable esters)

RENCOAT” coating modifying (passivating salts for Yankee metallic surface)

Each preparation is specific, and suitable for individual production process conditions that depends by:

  • composition and quality of pulp substances (cellulose and recycled materials)
  • speed of the paper machine
  • Yankee dryer technical specifications

A properly combined use of this three products allows:

  • an increasing in production speed
  • a longer life for creping blades
  • better quality of final products

Calibrated use of the above auxiliaries provides homogeneous creping along the whole tissue length.