Renfix | Anti pitch / anionic colloids fixative

Specific products for paper mill process, RENFIX are cationic organic polymers designed with particular composition and charge distribution in order to neutralise the anionic pollutants on paper pulps as:

  • Pitch, mainly¬† natural colophonics present on cellulose
  • Stickies, glue, hot melts from various types of waste paper.


RENFIX additives can be dosed by spraying or, on pulp

  • RENFIX 75 have to be used on pulp to conditioning of pulps
  • RENFIX B have to be sprayed on formation tapes in order to create a chemical barrier to preserve from pitch stoppage


These additives allows the reducing of:

  • Dirty formation on paper with consequently holes and breaking
  • Deposit formation on paper machine
  • Stoppage on felts and formation sheets