Sinsol | Detergents

On paper mill applications

Items developed for clearing machine cycles, SINSOL are based on

  • Basic and acid solutions
  • A-toxic solvents without halogenated components
  • Low foaming surfactants that improve the detergent activities both keeping low foam formation

They use allow the control of pollutant on machine, felt and formation sheet, caused by:

  • Inorganic deposits, mainly from coating and waste paper
  • Organic deposits (glue, pitch, hot melts)

The cleaning of felts and formation sheets can increase their life time

The best performance of wet felts can be realised:

  • During production, by continuous conditioning and timed washing
  • On slow motion of machine, without paper, by shock treatment

There are also SINSOL developed for metallic frame cleaning that can be applied with proper foaming devices.

On washing PET in the recovering process

These SINSOLs are developed for washing of PET flakes. They are formulated with surfactants, dispersants, sequestering agents that enhance the removal of fat, oils, sugar and glue residuals.

They are low foaming formations. The presence of sequestering and dispersants avoid deposit formations on the pipe of the plants.

The can be formulated ready for use or in concentrated formulas.

It is possible select products that comply the international norms for food direct contact finished products (FDA or BFR).