Top | Defoamers

TOP range includes:

  • Fatty alcohol based emulsion
  • Vegetable esther mixture
  • Alchylene oxides mixture
  • Silicon based emulsion

Paper mill applications

Developed to get in the paper mill process:

  • Pulp degassing
  • Foam reduction

The wide range of composition allow several application:

  • On paper machine
  • Size press
  • Coating
  • Cellulose plant
  • Waste water treatment

Plastics recovering process

There are specific products, silicon based, that can act also at high temperature (over 70 °C) and at really high pH value, with strong content of inorganic salts and organic pollutants present in the washing reactor.

General industrial processes

TOP defoamers can be applied in all the situations of foam formation on water industrial processes.

Also for TOP range it is possible select products that comply the international norms, FDA and BfR, for finished products intended for direct contact with food.